Friday, October 23, 2009

Fisherman of the World Rejoice...

[Pictured: The L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater.  Available here for $129.00]

... and actually, pretty much everyone else too.  The much blogged about and discussed reissue of the classic L.L. Bean Norwegian sweater has gone live.  The hour of purchase is upon us and another fall sweater couldn't come any more highly recommended from yours truly.  I've got my own burgundy/gray version (which I talked about at length here) in the back of my closet just waiting for the weather to dip into the low 40's.  There are rumors of the reissue being of the slimmer variety, but since I can't dig up any official comments, I will neither confirm nor deny such alligations.  Do your wardrobe a favor and get one of these while you still can.  Beard not included with purchase.

[Pictured: Inspiration and aspiration for fall.]



  1. Yeah I am excited about this, hopefully one of my family members buys it for me for Christmas, I mentioned it at dinner last time we were all together, and I know my mom keeps the LL Bean catalog around.

  2. A - I just mentioned some of my own wishlist...respect to "non begging" begging. Haha.

  3. Those rumors are absolutely not true. In fact, I think this version is actually fuller than the old ones. The small I ordered was very large.

  4. Memphis - Have you ever tried on an older version? They are very full...still awesome, but very full.

  5. Nope, I'm just going based on what others have said about the older ones running small. I haven't heard anyone who owns the new one say that they are slimmer than the older ones. I was hoping that they would be slimmer based on what I'd seen on Valet etc., but it doesn't look like they are.