Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Looks: Igby Goes Down

[Pictured: Igby with a white oxford shirt with the collar not buttoned down, cuffs undone, blazer and chinos.]

For no particular reason I've been on a Culkin movie binge recently.  In the past 3 weeks I've seen Mean Creek, Party Monster, Sex and Breakfast, Lymelife and Igby Goes Down which all feature one or more of the Culkin brothers.  All of these were particularly engaging, but Igby Goes Down stood out, specifically, in a sartorial sense.  Taking cues from eastern prep and The Catcher in the Rye the movie and it's wardrobe is a cool snapshot of the eastern/NYC prep look.  The character of Igby (Keiran Culking) and his brother (Ryan Phillipe) represent two distinct ways in which you can utilize your prep pieces.  Igby, the nonchalant contrarian, puts his own disheveled "devil may care" twist on the classics while Ollie, his brother, keeps it as trad as possible.  Whether or not prep is your thing, the movie features some cool looks, especially for fall.

 [Ollie in a perfectly manicured suit. Igby with a loosed rep tie, blue blazer, chinos, and topped off with Converse sneakers.]

[Grey wool sweatshirt with undershirt peaking out, thick, chunky scarf and weathered, slightly over-sized, hunting jacket.]

[Ollie with eye glasses, blue blazer, polo shirt and chinos.  Igby with critter tie, un-tucked oxford and blue blazer with turned up collar/lapels.]

 [Grey wool sweater paired with pinwale cords]

[Fall's must have accessory: a naked Claire Danes in your bed.  Better try eBay.]

I particularly love Igby's massive scarf, minus the Hogwart's colors, and I can see it really setting off an outfit when paired with a peacoat or Barbour jacket in a muted tone.  The loosened tie is also a cool look for fall and helps dress down formal neckwear (especially when paired with a tie bar).  While the outfits here are nothing revolutionary, the film did serve as an inspiration board of sorts and it never hurts to get a new perspective on these classics.



  1. well this look is perfect to all man who believe that he is a total breakheart, jajajaja I know this sound like a total bullshit but it's true, women love guys with a bad ass look.

  2. Where could I find Igbys scarf broooo