Monday, October 5, 2009

Attn: Bloggers and L.L. Bean Enthusiasts

Just got this in my inbox.  As I've mentioned before I am beyond pumped for the debut of L.L. Bean Signature, but unfortunetly my schedule is not permitting another quick trip to NY just yet.  Alex's updates on the classics are for sure going to put a dent in my checking account and I wish I could see them up close next Wednesday.  Anyone plan on going and doing a little reporting of their own?



  1. Pretty awesome they found you so quickly. Too bad you can't go - I be the gift bag would be swank.

  2. Yeah, I was really suprised to find the invite in my inbox. I'll give L.L. Bean free press any day of the week...I'll def. be crying my "gift bag-less" self to sleep next wed...