Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Scholar and a Gentleman

[Pictured: Andrew Jackson, a southern gent by way of New Orleans.  In DAM's own words, "several parallels [exist between AJ and myself]; he's from TN, I went to high school in TN, [he] fought and won the battle of New Orleans, I grew up there and then [he] lived in DC as president and where I now call home.]

In honor of his beloved Saints absolutely crushing my own beloved G-Men, I'd like to shout out fellow blogger DAM or Dickie to those who know him.  All losing bets aside, I thought it appropriate to give him some facetime and respect here at Sartorially Inclined.  Since the day this whole thing launched I've counted DAM as both a supporter and a friend.  Always the consumate gentleman, he has served as my liason to all things tailgating, hunting and wholly New Orleans.  His blog, Southern Gent, is a wonderful little corner of the internet which I am pleased to call a home away from home.  I could spend all day paising such a kindered spirit, but I'd rather you just go check everything out for youself.  If you've got a free minute, head over and let him know what you think.  I'm confident you'll become an ardent fan much like I did.


[update: Follow DAM and Southern Gent on Twitter.]


  1. Huh??!! What's to be admired about Andrew Jackson? He stunted America's industrial development, thus retarding growth, was a basically a physiocrat when everyone else had left that school of thought for something around 100-150 years, *killed* a shit load of Indians through the Trail of Tears, and shat on the balance of powers system that our nation's forefathers so wisely set up.

    I fear this admiration is more about some aesthetic than it is about a real historical and ethical vision.

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  3. Derek - I am sorry if you were offended. I never claimed that this blog was anything more than an aesthetic vessel in the first place. There was some sarcasm in the "admired", hinting that I respected DAM more considering he did kill a "shit load of Indians".

  4. Honored and Humbled.

    When I started SG it was wholly as a creative outlet and to share my point of view. I never would have expected to be introduced to such a talented, diverse and interesting group of folks in other bloggers.

    One day I'll be able to buy you a drink and thank you in person.

    Until then...

  5. DAM - I'm looking forward to that day.

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