Friday, June 4, 2010

Plus One

I've been getting a ton of requests regarding summer wedding gear so I figured now was a better time than ever to draw attention to the fact that you can put together a serious warm weather nuptials kit courtesy of Polo.  Their summer sale is in full bloom and lots of good stuff is on the chopping block.  The following look is anchored by the Fithian Seersucker Sport Coat, which I have previous mused on.  I tried this joint on at Dillard's two weeks ago and it delivers - insanely breathable and with a killer off the rack fit thanks to its shorter length and trimmer waist.  Luckily for you Polo is also selling seersucker trousers in the same blue/vintage white colorway so right off the bat you have an imported dandy summer suit for a mere 280 bones - score.  If your wardrobe is already healthy you should be straight with the "suit" alone, but if you need to throw together everything you can also grab a knit tie (double four-in-hand knot please) and a spread collar poplin dress shirt for an additional $105.  Keep in mind that this kit is a bold one - seersucker AND double breasted.  If you don't have the confidence to be the best dressed dude at the reception you might want to look elsewhere, but if you do, and I hope you do, get your bridesmaid game tight.

[Editor's note: For the boldest of bold you can do the same thing, but with this jacket and these pants.]



  1. What you wear to a wedding (as a guest) highly depends on many factors. Formality, place, time of day, etc. I wouldn't recommend this outfit as a no-problem, wear this to every summer wedding deal.

    As a guest, you come to show respect to the wedded, not to draw attention to yourself. Bold isn't really the answer in my opinion.

  2. Tommy- You're totally right. This look is not for everyone and not for every wedding. Honestly, this is more a summer suit recommendation than anything else. To each his own.

  3. I totally hope no one bares the madras blazer with the matching pants. Overkill/costume, the DB SS suit and knit tie seems on point.

  4. If you go to Ralph's site you'll see that the model's ass cheeks peek out from under the seersucker jacket. Not the look I'm going for, but to each his own.

    Tie's nice, though.

  5. I second Tommy V. Patchwork madras suiting has no place at a wedding. But a seersucker suit with a white shirt and simple tie is fine. The after party is another story, go crazy with madras.

  6. Problem a lot of blokes do with weddings is show up looking like their at work.


    The other is to put on some sort of non-sense character outfit.

    (Usually at the direction of wifey or gobby girlfriend (ignore the former, ditch the latter my friend)).

    Worse thing you can do is go loud, hot or look uncomfortable with what you're wearing.

    Don't cross those and it's easy.

    (btw - long time mate - I've been busy)

  7. Mr. B - Good to have you back sir.

  8. You don't want to be wearing a seersucker suit if the fabric for the jacket and the pants are not the exact same. I don't know if that's the case with the Polo joints or not.