Monday, June 7, 2010

The Garbstore F/W 2010

I know it's a little hard to look at parkas and whatnot while you're sipping a Corona, but bear with me for a quick second.  The Garbstore's F/W 2010 collection is chock full of all that killer rugged archival manliness we've come to expect from the British stalwart.  While The Garbstore does a great job in curating the brands and products it sells through its retail venture it's their in house line that always blew me away the most - hell, I've been wanting to get one of their parkas for what seems like forever at this point.  F/W 2010 is rooted in great outwear as per usual, but check out the oxfords with contrasting elbow patches and the rest of the surprisingly colorful shirting.  Color is expertly used through out to tie everything together and I can pretty much dig the majority of what's shown which is hard to say about a lot of other collections.  And I would be a liar if I failed to mention how I am already saving up for that life preserver inspired down vest complete with a zip front and toggles - that right there is what the cool kids call "the bees knees".



  1. Bout 10% for me. Looks a little like you're going hunting in the financial district during fashion week. But... the 10% is pretty spot-on.

    Carry on carriers.

  2. Shirts looks good.

    GS do sometimes fall guilty of fiddling - see those jeans with the felt yoke. Ummm?

    But, check out their Warden jackets from last summer of before - I think they're in the Brucie Bonus Section too.