Friday, June 18, 2010

First Look: Lands End Canvas F/W 2010

Skip over at Alex Grant has some first look pics of Lands End Canvas' F/W 2010 Collection.  At this point you're probably familiar with LE's trimmed up more stylin' little cousin aka the poor man's J. Crew.  I still believe this was a genius move by a brand attempting to gain an entire new customer demographic in one fell swoop - you might recall how LEC literally came out of nowhere to take the blogosphere by storm upon its release.  F/W 2010 stays pretty much on track with the precedent set by the inaugural collection, which didn't really have any seasonal distinction when I think about it - it seems that in an effort to hit the ground running LEC debuted with a mishmash of F/W/S/S cheap ass goodness.  Anyhow, F/W 2010 has all the well fitting essentials for "cheap" that everyone who knows what's up should be gunning for.  I own some LEC gear and have been real happy with how the shirts and various outerwear fit, but don't own any pants myself.  My brother claims the pants fit on point as well so you can take that up with him if you'd like.  If you're looking for some eye popping gear though, you've come to the wrong place.  F/W 2010 is muted and understated, but let's not act like that's a bad thing.  LEC F/W 2010 - classic American style for the impoverished crowd.  Thom Browne is gonna love that maroon cardigan by the way.



  1. In terms of fabric and feel, their OCBD is my favorite of all the OCBDs i own, (Rugby, Martin and Osa). The fit could be a little better on a tall, skinny guy like myself, (6'3, 155) but they're a steal considering LE has sales almost weekly.

    I'll definitely be getting that maroon cardigan too.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. @Danny Q
    Where are the issues fit wise for you with the OCBD's? I'm a similar build (I got you by like 15lbs though) and I'm hesitant to get a shirt. What size do you wear in the LEC and in dress shirts in general?

  3. What I find typically with these fast retail brands is their slim fitted shirts are in the waist and unless it's specified Tall, no change in sleeve length. It usually helps the short and stout guy but makes it difficult for us taller, thinner cats. We'll end up sacrificing the right length for a snugger fit.

  4. Land's End depresses the hell out of me. Especially after you calling it the poor man's J.Crew

  5. Anon @7:06- What would you have me call it? I like jokes.

  6. Frank Muytjens wants his presentation back.

    That second photo is basically an exact replica of a J. Crew catalogue.

  7. L.A.S. - It's not that I didn't like your joke but the fact that it is somewhat true makes me depressed buying from it because the reason I would buy LEC is for the fact that I can't afford something from J.Crew

  8. Gauche is the new black, Anonymous. L.A.S. is merely a product of his wanton, clueless, materialistic, post-everything generation where people with zero substance fetishize the fashion of the fucking Eisenhower administration (for chrissakes) as embodied by, eh, chinos and pipes and madras, send messages out to the equally adrift that "classic" American fashion costs hundreds of bucks from Japanese designers and talk endlessly about "price points" and "colorways" to drive home the fact that they take not a single step in their brogues without a self-consciousness that borders on the painful.

    Don't let it get you down. Getcha some Lands End.

  9. Anonymous @12:56- On the contrary my friend, being an Anonymous jerkstore on the internet is actually the new black.

    "send messages out to the equally adrift that 'classic' American fashion costs hundreds of bucks from Japanese designers"

    Dude, c'mon. This blog talks more about affordable options than practically anything else! Before you start seriously calling me/my blog "gauche" you should take a look at your comment, which might actually be the exact definition of the word.

    And I talk about price points and colorways so that anyone who reads this blog and wants to stay informed can do just that. Click the Lands End tag at the bottom of this post and see how many times I've recommend them.

    As per your lambasting of my "generation", talk about a naive and uniformed generalization. Do you even know how hold I am? Does that even matter? Does that have anything to do with what this blog is trying to promote?

    Goddamn dude. Thanks for reading.

  10. There are several reasons to buy from LE instead of J. Crew other than poverty. For example, the LE Hyde Park OCBDs are made of better fabric than anything Crew or Brooks Brothers currently offers.

    Secondly, LE will hem their slim chinos to the nearest 1/4 inch, which neither J. Crew nor Brooks will do, and they'll cuff them to whatever size cuff you specify, which neither J. Crew nor Brooks will do.

    Third, their ties aren't bad. Or their belts.

    Fourth, J. Crew no longer sells dress shirts, unless you count those Thomas Mason ones, which are $135 each, and for that cash I can have some custom made.

    And while the shirts they do sell are nice, the collars are too small.

  11. The Hyde Park OCBD has been discontinued, which is VERY disappointing.

  12. @C. Benjamin- I wear a small, It's a little short at the waist and sleeves, but no more than any other brand. Also there's some excess fabric in the bicep area but tapers nicely at the wrist. I should mention that this is while tucked in during the week at work, no tie, un tucked on the weekend with the sleeves rolled up it looks like a million bucks.

    As far as other OCBDs, i haven't found a perfect one off the rack fit wise because i have a freakish 16" neck and broad shoulders but a 30" waist. The closest i have found is from Martin and Osa when sometimes i can squeeze into bottoning the top button, but the body and sleeves aren't as trim. My best fitting OCBD was made to measure from

    For the price it's definitely worth trying out, you can always return it if you don't like the fit. Sign up for the LE email list and wait for a 30% off code, they come semi regularly.

    @Junctioned- That sounds about right.

    @LAS June 19- I dig the Seinfeld reference.