Thursday, June 17, 2010

Done Right: Black And White

I may not be live blogging from Pitti Uomo (I'm not even remotely that awesome), but that doesn't mean Italian style isn't numero uno on my radar right now.  Great photos are already all over the internet thanks to sites like The Sartorialist and Web Uomo - to say the inspiration was flowing would be quite an understatement.  As of right now I can't shake the idea of some white pants and black hardbottoms, specifically double monk straps. Go figure, right?  It's a look that somehow strikes the perfect balance of bold (I mean, we're talking white pants), yet classic (these items are arguably menswear staples).  The Italian guys even lose some break in their trousers to turn up the clean lines to eleven.  See for yourself...

Both of these guys are killing it as far as I am concerned.  I'll be the first to admit that brown shoes trump black ones in my book, but that may soon to be a thing of the past.  The pairing of black and white is so undeniable and so unwavering that I may have been going about things all wrong - or at least partially wrong.  I figure 25% of the guys reading Sart Inc have white pants.  Of that 25%, about 12% probably own a pair of double monks and I assume half of those guys have a black pair.  So if my math is correct, and keep in mind you're dealing with a guy who forgot how to do long division like five years ago, this post was useful for approximately no one - sounds about right.

In all seriousness, if you've got the tools (i.e. white jeans and black brogues) on hand why not take 'em out for a test drive?  You could end up with more Pitti panache than you know what to do with or, at the very least, another exploit to file under "Things to do when I fake my own death and move to Italy".



  1. I agree - have been rocking white pants since 98!

    & the last 2 weeks.

  2. That is awesome. What pants do you recommend with the black borgues/monkstraps? White chinos or white jeans?

  3. Those double monks look so nice. It's interesting how doubles look so much better than singles.

  4. Thanks for posting the link to Web Uomo. I've been on the search for more sites depicting street style from Pitti with no luck. The Sartorialist and GQ have been my go to people until now. Thanks a million!