Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attn: New McNairy Neckwear At Epaulet

Epaulet keep the McNairy fire stoked with a recent shipment of killer gear for S/S 2010.  Aside from a few items we have already seen prior there are some new neckwear pieces including rep ties and bows.  All of Mark's neckwear is made in New York City and is conservative enough for your 9 to 5.  The ties measure 3.25" at their widest point, while the bowties are 2" wide and thanks to their fabric and dimensions create a handsome, hefty knot.  Each piece deserves a spot on your tie rack, but the overall winner here is the double faced dog bowtie.  Thanks to it's opposing patterns you essentially get 3 bowties in one and can rock it with however much quirkiness your heart desires.  It's McNairy at his best and for only $52.00 it's pretty much a steal.