Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Attn: Woolrich John Rich & Bros S/S 2011 Outerwear Sneak Peek Pt. II

A couple of days ago I threw up a first look at some tasty outerwear courtesy of Woolrich John Rich & Bros.' S/S 2011 collection.  Well, today sees three more pieces leak to the interwebs and while not as strong as the Heritage Officer Coat and the Three Layers Anorak these three jackets stick with the clean minimalist take on Americana WJR&B has built their brand upon.  I'm trying to read this article over at The Contemporary Standard, but I'm an ignorant, ugly American who can only speak English so I'm struggling - I think it's talking about Tokito Yoshida (you may know him from his bonkers designs for Barbour) designing this stuff.  If that is the case then my initial postulate that WJR&B is heavily influenced by Italian design is obviously off the mark.  What can I say? You win some, you lose some.  Peep some gear that is fresh regardless of who's at the drawing board.



  1. Both brands are licensed by Italian company WP Lavori - hence the connection. But actually you weren't wrong - it's kind of an Italian and Japanese take on traditional American clothing...

    By the way, pretty cool stuff, huh?!