Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer At The Ballpark

Joe McCoy, the same dude who is dialed in with all that sweet new vintage stuff you may have seen before, has tapped the quintessential American summer as inspiration for some new gear currently available over at Superdenim.  Insane quality and authenticity paired with inspiration straight out of the ballpark (seriously, check the labels) is a great combination.  Mr. McCoy makes good on all this with the perfect summer sweatshirt, short sleeve button down and three-quarters tee.  I realize that's a lot of perfect to swallow, but this stuff delivers.  We could probably talk all day about the loop-wheeled manufacturing or the 12 oz. Japanese cotton or the rounded hems if we really wanted to.  I'm personally going to pass on all that and just enjoy me some classic summertime Americana.



  1. The stuff is nice, for sure, but I doubt I'll ever be rich enough to think it's OK to buy a $200+ sweatshirt.

  2. Reigning Champ out of BC will do you good, cheaper too.