Monday, June 7, 2010

Howard Yount Summer Pants

The same guy who makes the best knit ties on the internet is also peddling a variety of summer pants so good your raw denim should be afraid - very afraid.  No matter what your fabric preference you should be covered as Howard Yount has linen, cotton and super 100s wool on lock.  The pants are all made in Italy, feature a flat front and classic slim fit.  The only issue I have with these is that even the finished pants have a standard 35.5" inseam so factor in a trip to the tailors when pulling the trigger.  HY's gear is so on point because the guy is just like you and me.  He's a clothing enthusiast who eventually took matters into his own hands and has since built a cult favorite (check StyleForum) who a ton of people can vouch for.  The focus here is not on turning a quick buck, but crafting timeless garments from some of the best fabrics using the best techniques.  This right here is the real deal especially if you've taken my advice and finally snatched up that pair of double monks.



  1. Decent looking stuff, but I cannot stand those bizarre little tabs some manufacturers have been adding at the bottom of the waistband above the fly. It just looks completely awkward to me.

  2. I believe the tab is there for a purpose: you slide the prong of your belt buckle through it before you buckle your belt, and the tab keeps the buckle from moving.

    Thanks for pointing me to Howard Yount; the stuff is seriously beautiful. It's America's answer to Drake's, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper.

  3. Howard Yount strikes again!

    The perfect example of someone who notices all the little details. He has the uncanny ability to tap in to what style enthusiasts want and need. Larger companies could only dream of his insight.

  4. Beautiful stuff, especially the waistband detailing.