Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lusting After: Paraboot Vigny

I don't know much about Paraboot besides the fact they are an expensive French shoe brand, but I do know a damn good looking double monk strap when I see one.  Paraboot's Vigny model is one of the better rugged double monks I have seen thanks to its Goodyear welted construction and double leather sole.  I should also mention that one of the reasons these badboys cost $502 is due to Paraboot's required 150 manual operations it takes to make a pair of their shoes, which is also an incredibly aristocratic way of saying they are handmade.  But then again, when you drop a half stack you probably want to know that kind of stuff.  If you are thinking about copping, and why wouldn't you assuming you're not a poor bastard like myself, don't forget the sizes listed are British.  I cannot think of a more handsome shoe to wear while beating the shit out of someone in the middle of a cobblestone street.



  1. Agreed. I don't think I'd even mind if someone was beating the shit outta me on a cobblestone street if he had these monkstraps on.

  2. "I cannot think of a more handsome shoe to wear while beating the shit out of someone in the middle of a cobblestone street."

    That's my general thought-process on most of my purchases.

  3. By the beard of Zeus! This is tremendous double monk offering.

  4. "I cannot think of a more handsome shoe to wear while beating the shit out of someone in the middle of a cobblestone street."

    That is the sickest thing I've ever seen on this site, and the most horrible thing I've ever seen on a fashion/style blog.

    I don't care how you meant it. There is no way to spin this to make it acceptable.

  5. Mr. Normality- You need to learn how to take a joke my friend. Purely an attempt a humor that obviously did not register with you and that's fine, but to seriously call it "the most horrible thing I've ever seen on a fashion/style blog" is absurd - get some perspective dude.

    The BP oil spill is a "horrible thing". My joke is just lame or in poor taste at best.

    And you've really never seen anything worse on a style blog? What about Visvim shoes?! Just kidding...maybe...

  6. Really Mr. Normality?
    I thought it was literally one of the best things I've read on this site.
    I was tempted to buy those shoes just because of that awesome mental picture.

  7. "get some perspective dude"

    Perspective? I’ve got it in spades. I know the horrors of violence and mayhem, and that’s why I am so offended by this twisted attempt at "humor."

    Also, please read what I said: "the most horrible thing I've ever seen on a FASHION/STYLE blog," not "the most horrible thing I've ever seen." There's a difference.

    "You need to learn how to take a joke"

    Yeah, it's frickin' hilarious to joke about "beating the shit out of someone." Someone lying on the street, beaten and bleeding, in agony--that's a regular laugh riot.

    It's not funny--it's sick. If you can't see that, then I feel sorry for you. You have a deeply troubled soul, reflective of how debased our society has become.

  8. Mr. Normality- So whenever someone makes a passing reference to any act of violence, whether it be joking or not, you recall various "horrors of violence and mayhem" and "agony"?

    Listen, I'm sorry this was so offensive to you. I really am. That's the last thing I ever want this blog to do. If you read Sart Inc you know I am a lighthearted guy that doesn't take things to seriously and tries to have a sense of humor about things, but I also don't ever want to be that guy who is "sick" or "horrible". On that note, please accept my personal apology.

    And remember, this is a blog about clothes. Nothing less. Nothing more. That's it.

  9. I appreciate and accept your apology. It shows you have class.

    No, passing references to violence do not necessarily make me think of the horrors of violence, etc. However, words convey ideas, and ideas convey meaning, and I (obviously) reacted very negatively to the ideas your words conveyed.

    In a normal, healthy society, people are repulsed by the thought of violence (though with young men in particular, there may be a kind of sick fascination, kind of like people who gawk at an accident, that's just part of being a young man). Regardless, part of the pleasure I normally get from this blog is escapist: I get to forget about politics, world events, crime, and the like, and enjoy what you present. Perhaps that's why it was so jarring to be jerked back to the "real" world by what you intended as a throwaway line.

    Anyway, I hope you'll remember that your words convey ideas, and I hope even more that you'll strive to convey ideas that match the beauty of the images you present, rather than the cruelty that is all too much a part of our world.

  10. Mr. Normality- someone ought to kick your fucking teeth in you PC scumbag. Get a grip. dude.