Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There are few sartorial purchases more satisfying than a new pair of summer hardbottoms.  You know, the kind of shoes you can dress up or down, ditch the socks for and just generally stunt in all summer long.  For those already rich in bucks and saddles you may want to head over and check out the remaining Cerbero joints over at Yoox.  It's tough to turn up a lot of information on Cerbero, but from the various forum testimonials I read it seems as if the Italian brand has a decent enough track record especially when you factor in Yoox's fire sale pricepoints and liberal return policy.  The suede brogues and desert boots look especially tasty and should link up with your S/S bottoms without too much effort.  From deep navy hues to easy beige the colorways pretty much range the spectrum from understated to wonderful Italian GTH style.  My Italian is pretty spotty, but Google tells me that "cerbero" stands for "watchdog" (i.e. Cerberus) which makes perfect sense in the context of the colored suede numbers - people will be watching your dogs no doubt.



  1. Trickers have got a great Derby in their archives that needs another outing.

    Cheaney had a similar shoe in Liberty and Duffer around 2000.

    They both have a rounder toe.

    Someone should tell Cerbero it's rude to point.

    I'll try and put a picture up.

    (One day etc)

  2. Anybody know how these fit, especially for those us who wear a half size like 10.5? I have posted on various style and clothing forums, but have not gotten any info yet.