Monday, June 7, 2010

Mark McNairy for PRO-Keds Royal Flashes

A while back I talked about the Mark McNairy for PRO-Keds CVO's and just stumbled across the Royal Flashes he did also did for them.  I'm not really a sneakerhead, but these are pretty dope.  I especially like the blue suede number, which I imagine would look extremely handsome with some slim chinos.  In typically McNairy fashion there is a notable bit of humor thrown in the with the "right" and "wrong" labels on the back of the shoes.  These aren't something I could see myself wearing on the reg, but are quite clever and classic when it comes down to it.  I don't recall seeing these in Mark's showroom and like his CVO's for PRO-Keds I don't think anyone has picked them up yet so if you're trying to cop you are going to have to wait.



  1. I know everyone has McNairy's cock in their mouth but NO ONE can make Pro-Keds cool.

  2. Mr. Cheese- Dude, the CVO's are awesome. These are not really my style, but I think the blue suede are definitely cool.

  3. Wouldn't be caught dead in these.

  4. If you like the suede check blue Blazers.


    Back to these... feel the eBay-try-and-punt-the-impulsive-purchase-on.

    The pumps aren't slow though.

  5. Actually I like this style very much, but talking about security it protects your feet a lot.