Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thank You

Lately I've been lucky enough to get the opportunity to do a few cool things unrelated to Sart Inc.  Yesterday was a big day for myself and a few friends and I wanted to take this time to thank some people who were nice enough to send encouraging words my way.  I'm always blown away by the sheer generosity of folks I've met, in person and otherwise, thanks to something as trivial as a blog.  I am more grateful than I could ever express with a keyboard.  My sincerest "Thank You's" to:

-Cory at Valet
-Jason at Selectism
-Jesse at Put This On
-Darian and Luis

...and everyone else who sent the kindest of words my way yesterday.  It means more than you know.



  1. Your welcome L -you inspire on the daily. Congratulations on ROTM, you and the fellas will have continued success with this capsule, and many more to follow.
    {Your older, wiser, brother-from-another-mother}

  2. I already placed an order for the double-monks. Thanks for your blog and now the store!

  3. Your the man! Wish you much success. Keep on!

  4. Worst name for an online store...ever

  5. It is much deserved, good luck!

  6. Anon @4:02- I'm pretty sure that distinction goes to Fudge Packers Incorporated.

  7. You deserve it man. Best of luck to you. Really appreciate this blog.

  8. You do great work here, LAS - best of luck on the new venture.