Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CFDA Awards Street Style

Tommy Ton is back snapping pics for GQ and he recently covered Monday's CFDA awards shooting all the nominees and various guests.  While the awards mean pretty much nothing in my opinion it is a nice gesture to honor an industry flush with talent.  As with anything some people had their shit together while others did not.  Check the all in good fun Sart Inc breakdown...

Zachary Quinto and Swarovski Award for Menswear (best new designer) nominee Simon Spurr look a little too wonder twins for my liking.  They both kill in their own right, but together it's, how do I put this nicely, bromantically matchy-matchy.

Ed Westwick's wardrobe in real life is pretty much the complete opposite of his flashy, dandy television persona Chuck Bass.  I'm a huge fan of the crisp white shirt and no tie look so this gets a high grade from yours truly.  The aviators are a nice touch as well adding to the overall casual nature of this suited look.

David Bowie was smart not to upstage his woman.  Iman got some lifetime achievement award for being really hot and the last thing DB wanted was to be sleeping on the couch later that night.

Waris Ahluwalia (left) is killing it especially compared to Lindeberg who looks like he woke up literally 5 minutes before heading over to the awards ceremony.

Richard Chai ended up winning the Swarovski Award for Menswear so big ups to him.  It's nice to see him get some shine between this and his nomination for GQ's Best New Designer In America earlier this year.  Richard is a pretty classy dude and he can be seen here wearing one of his own jackets.  It's an interesting slim take on the double breasted jacket, but a little too tech-y for my tastes.  Not seen in the picture are the heavy duty zippers that adorn the front of the jacket.

Hayden Christensen was wearing a Richard Chai tux - I think he and RC are pretty good buddies.  Discounting the tie, which looks like it was just pulled out of a suitcase, the overall fit is a good one.  Rule of thumb - really skinny dudes can get away with really skinny suits.

Patrik Ervell, another Swarovski nominee, is the physical manifestation of his own clothes - kinda schlubby, but minimalist and clean.

Victor Glemaud shut it down, end of story.  Now that right there is a double breasted tux ladies and gentlemen.

Cut Brian Atwood some slack. He just came from the Jersey Shore season 2 premier.

While Kenneth Cole is looking quite put together what's not pictured are the black square toe shoes he's also wearing. Just kidding, maybe not.

Christopher Bailey is someone who gets crazy amounts of love, but I'm on the fence about some of the stuff he does.  He took home the International Award for his unrelenting assault of Burberry plaid.

It has been scientifically proven that Phillip Crangi has a rare medical condition where his level of badassness is 3 times that of the average male.


Oh look, it's Thom Browne doing that thing he does, whatever that is.

Bastian got snubbed for a 4th time (?) by the CFDA.  He was nominated for Menswear Designer of the Year, along with Tom Ford, but ended up losing out to the Rag & Bone crew.  Everything that's said about this travesty has already been said so I'll leave it at that.  I doubt MB is stressing with arm candy like that and a t-shirt under his suit that apparently read "wait 'til next year".



  1. I was the car right behind Bailey. Apparently my briefcase was a travesty, as one of the papps yelled "you brought your briefcase, are you serious?"

    Hey, they noticed me right?

  2. Bowie looked awesome.

    So did MB and VG.

    Thom oh Thom.....

  3. Michael Bastian is definitely the best dressed out of all of those guys. What's up with those "ties" in the top picture? Are they going for that tucked-under bow tie look that was popular in the 1800s?

  4. chai with the unbuttoned double breasted jacket? meh

  5. Bailey strays away from the Burb Check, as he explicitly explained once why both the kitsch Burb stuff and the (his) Prorsum stuff work in tandem to advance the brand. I think he's a boss who deserves a lot of the credit he gets, but also I think a lot of his praise is based on his boyish-traditional-good looks.

  6. For me MB is the best menswear right negus my good friend Billy Reid. I can't wait till the gant line comes out so I can afford some pieces.

  7. Bastian lost out to RAG & BONE???? Unbelievable! Michael is rocking it in this photo! Thome Brown??? Not going to go there.

  8. Great break down! I wanna be Phillip Crangi when I grow up! Damn them for not giving it to Bastian though. What's a guy got to do besides being the most important menswear designer in America since Ralph.

  9. MB nails it as always, keeping the notches high and the lapels peaked.

  10. Remember the post on Sart Inc about cheap Trickers-made shoes that, as it turned out, was poorly researched, and they weren't actually Trickers? Here's a quote that reminds me of that little incident: "Luckily for you Polo is also selling seersucker trousers in the same blue/vintage white colorway so right off the bat you have an imported dandy summer suit for a mere 280 bones - score." Call it caveat emptor if you will, but I'm now the lucky owner of a double breasted seersucker blazer and seersucker pants that don't match at all. If you want any credibility at all as a well informed blogger, I suggest doing a little more research and making sure that the representations you make on your blog are actually truthful. Count me as a disappointed former reader. Poor form.

  11. KCM - I am sorry to hear that I have failed you and wish I had a better winning percentage than 798/800.

    In all seriousness, the POLO website has the pants and jacket listed as the same color so what do you want from me? This blog is not the end all be all, but a guy talking about clothes he likes. That's it...nothing less, nothing more. Why don't you just return the gear and shoot me an email instead of calling me out over here, sesh?

    And as per the Trickers call out, I posted an ENTIRE post apologizing for my oversight (which was information taken from a credible source!) - what other blogger would do something like that? Poor form? Shit, I believe I put more effort into this and its readers than practically anyone else on the Internet. I may be a little biased, but c'mon dude. If that's all it takes to make you leave I am surprised you didn't jump ship a long time ago. As Jay-z once so eloquently said, "Can I live?"

    Anyhow, if you're peacing for good, thanks for all the times you stopped by.

  12. KCM - Dressed by the internet for the L huh? Pretty funny.
    Warris is like that dude that's always around and constantly stands out, but seems so low-key. He's the man.

  13. somebody remove the gun from his mouth..or better yet use the self addressed complimentary return label and mail your shit back to polo.

  14. KCM.

    You're upset that someone said they like'd something. And when it arrived you didn't?

    Stroll on son. You're wasting space.

  15. Fair enough, I was just pissed that I didn't get what I wanted (which was something I was excited to receive). That was one of those ill-conceived I'll-take-it-out-on-someone-else late night inebriated posts. Anyways the pants look great. I actually really enjoy the blog. Safety's on.

  16. KCM- It's all good. I hope you stick around.

  17. Thom Browne can suck it.

  18. When will Thom Browne just go away? Also, I rather enjoyed the Kenneth Cole part.

  19. i am a straight man. and i would bang Crangi.

    can we all agree to do that? just refer to him as Crangi? Like Prince and Beyonce and Madonna and Kobe and Hansel?

  20. ok spell checked... your copy is nails LAS. total crack-up. david bowie bit??? rest my case. ace.