Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Wallabee Champ

Walter White aka Heisenberg aka The Mad Scientist aka The Cook aka The Coldest Dude In Albuquerque aka The Wallabee Champ.  Consider this my humble endorsement for the best show on television hands down.  Dope shoes are just the icing on the cake...



  1. Hell yeah. I've been saying that since the show premiered. Awesome.

    Walter White does keep it fresh in the wallows.

  2. This and Californication are my favourite shows, good choice for sure.

  3. He burns through different pairs like cigarettes. So far I've counted four different pairs, throughout the seasons. I seriously doubt he keeps more than one pair at a time. He's just not that kind of person. I guess you lose your shoes a lot when you're a drug dealer (I mean manufacturer).

  4. As if the Wallees weren't iconic enough. It would be really cool to hear about how the wardrobe dept considered how the shoe would help define this particular character's aesthetic and personality.