Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Weekend Jaunt: NYC

[Pictured: Uniqlo's Soho NYC store.]

I am headed back up to the chilly north for a wonderful long weekend with friends and family (happily throwing on my jean jacket already).  While I have a pretty full schedule, I did set aside some time to do a little bit of retail therapy on Friday.  I'm on the prowl for a birthday gift for my brother and have a few specific spots in mind.  It's pretty awesome that my travel arrangements coincide with the release of Jil Sander's +J line, which is not only her return to the design world, but a collaboration between her and Uniqlo.  Uniqlo is always getting shout outs from the major players, i.e. GQ,, etc., so I'm pretty pumped to finally check out the Japanese brand's Soho store.  For those in the dark, Uniqlo is a Japanese mega-brand that has recently picked up steam in the US.  They offer modern cut classics typically falling under $100 so it's at least browse worthy.  I'll be sure to bring my shitty camera along to take pics of the new line and anything else sartorially inclined.  Stay in touch and stay tuned...



  1. Hit up Whiskey Town - theygive you a koozie with each beer you purchase - oh and Freeman Sporting Club too. Report back on the latter, to which I haven't been.

    If you are up on Madison - Jay Kos, Belgium (not open on Saturday) and Stubbs are pretty awesome too.

  2. I'll do my best, but I'm sure my girlfriend has my schedule all planned out for me...I've heard great things about both Whiskey Town and Freeman Sporting Club...I'm going to do my best to take in as much as possible...only getting up to NY a few times a year is a crying shame.