Friday, April 2, 2010


DQM is not your average skate brand.  For the past 7 years Chris Keefe and Dave Ortiz have been revolutionizing board/bike gear and now DQM boasts complete seasonal collections sold worldwide.  Their vision has evolved overtime and today stands as a serious menswear brand offering a variety of classics that still acknowledge the NYC downtown counterculture that birthed it all.  Most importantly, DQM never forgets where it came from.  They "endure because you do." Amen.

How can you not like gear that brings together so many elements of style? It's one part classic, one part skate rat, one part punk rocker and it's all good.  Those double breast pocket, muted button downs - yeah, I'll take one of each please.  Also, be sure to check out their callabo with Adidas on the Rod Laver Vintage sneaker I just talked about.



  1. Feeling the pants and the jacket!

  2. That's some good lookin' cloth. The shirts are nice, but the pants are what really attracted my eye. Slight variations in shade of some popular colors.

  3. L.A.S

    Wish you had included your thoughts on their new 5-panel hat. Colors are subtle and it's a unique variation of a typical hat. Adding a little 'skate' vibe to an otherwise rather preppy look can give it your own personal style.

    I can't remember if you hate on hats though.

  4. RDJ- Yeah, I don't really get down with hats so I don't talk about them all that much. With that being said, DQM does have some tasty joints if you were into that sorta thing.

  5. where credits due.
    so. on. point.

  6. I would so cop the short sleeve button down if it was a little cheaper.