Monday, May 24, 2010

Split Toe

I rarely see a split toe shoe I like, but these bucks from Orvis are insanely fly.  Oxford style bucks are everywhere these days, no thanks to their resurgence in popularity, so these particular joints will help you be the only cat rocking moccasin and split toe steeze.  The appeal here really is he shoe's uniqueness and switcheroo on the classic buck vamp - what is normally a plain toe has been given a slight upgrade in my opinion.  Orvis is selling a shoe that despite being a white buck with a red bick sole does not necessarily conform to the conventional standards we have come to expect of this particular shoe style.  It's a change of pace, while still existing within the established paradigm of traditional Anglo-American footwear.  There is rarely a need to reinvent the wheel, but a slight adjustment never hurts.


  1. I can't endorse these, made for Pee Wee Herman

  2. I can't decide if these are awesome, or nurse shoes.

    Anyway, the same shoe but forty bucks cheaper is here (scroll down):

    1. I think the shoe is awesome. I can not find them. Orvis no longer carries them. They've been out of stock for over a year.

  3. Keeping a split toe in the arsenal is a must. I've owned a pair from Coach for the last like 2 1/2-3 yrs and I always go back to them when I'm in a Sartorial Conundrum ( which would make a great blog name). Finding the right pair is definitely a challenge though. These I might do if the stitching wasn't as prominent.