Tuesday, May 18, 2010


You might remember Riviera Club from when ACL did a profile on the brand, but if you're drawing a blank let me introduce you to some seriously breezy Cali gear.  While it may be a little too left coast for some, I like how RC is reinterpreting classics with a surf bum perspective.  The stuff is easy on the eyes and has an overall lightness too it - sounds pretty much like California if you ask me.  And we're not talking Melrose, Beverly Hills or anything like that, but someplace like Santa Barbara (the focal point of the S/S collection).  I like Riviera Club's simplicity and their acknowledgment that most guys don't really need much outside of a lived in tee, sunwashed shorts and maybe some rolled up chinos.  Little details, like pocket trim, are scattered throughout and the collection is made in the USA with an overall trim fit making it the thinking man's weekend wear of choice.  Riviera Club is currently available at Roden Gray, Blackbird and Ron Herman.  To my readers on the east coast, it's time to live vicariously.


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