Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attn: Rugby Insider Sale

While Rugby puts much less stock in being an "insider" than I do, there are still some impressive deals to be had - 25% off the good stuff and up to 50% off the meh stuff.  This is a perfect chance to finally get your paws on that great pair of slim chinos, cargo pants or that yellow rain slicker you've been lusting after.  The sale runs through May 10 so be sure to head on over if you're looking to gear up midseason or get some stuff together for F/W.  I think Rugby at full price is one of the best style bang for your buck outfitters around so you can just imagine how I feel about this sale.   And whatever you do please do not buy that hat seen below.  That shit is just dumb.



  1. Any experience with the fit of those chinos (vis a vis the Bowery pant or your Hickey's)?

  2. Anon- I really dig the University chino. They are slimmer than the Bowery pant and the fabric feels a little more rugged. They are not as slim as my Hickey ones, but like I said earlier, they were a great purchase.

  3. anyone have a pair of the urban slim fit chinos from jcrew? Should i get a pair of those or a pair of the rugby's? I really can't decide..

  4. If anonymous ever comes back, I snagged a pair of urban slim fit lightweight chinos for 30 bucks on sale. I've always wanted to try urban slim fit, so the pricetag sold it for me. It was a good move, its slim, but for a guy like me 5'7" 128 lbs (on the skinny side) its a perfect fit. I'm going to be wearing the heck out of them for the months to come.

    The Navy Rugby chino's look very nice, I'm itching to pull the trigger on em.