Saturday, May 1, 2010

Attn: WWM Front Pocket Shorts On Sale

Yoox is always adding a ton of new gear to their website each season so it can be difficult to keep up with all the good stuff before it sells out.  Luckily for anyone in search for some new shorts I just stumbled upon a pretty great deal on some Woolrich Woolen Mills front pocket shorts.  With two versions currently on sale, a shorter safari/bush style and a longer cargo style, most people should be covered regardless of personal tastes.  The various front pocket pants and shorts Daiki designs for WWM are always my favorite and when you can get them for around 100 bucks, well, that's just a flat out steal.  If you haven't already, head over to Yoox and take a quick browse.  There is some seriously crazy stuff to snipe, but be wary of their terrible styling.  They have a curious habit of making awesome items look like garbage.  Happy hunting.



  1. Dude L.A.S, Thanks for pointing out Yoox on here. I bought stuff from them earlier last year but I totally forgot about them. I was reading one of your posts earlier with the WWM Ranger pants and someone mentioned Yoox. I think its the best buy I made all season. What a steal! Props

  2. I love YOOX and yes you are right they do have this annoying habit of making awesome things look terrible!!! I have to admit I've been turned off by loads of their inventory because of it. Thanks for pointing it out! BTW, this is by far the best mens fashion blog I have come across. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication into this blog!