Monday, May 3, 2010

Attn: L.L. Bean Signature Summer 2010 Arrivals

While many of us wait patiently to see what Alex Carleton has cooked up for F/W, L.L. Bean Signature has just gotten a fresh shot in the arm with a handful of summer arrivals.  Highlighted by some wonderful outerwear (sweaters, blazers) the vibe that made Signature the talk of the blogosphere is alive and well.  You can check out all the new gear here.  It's safe to say the Day Sailor sweater, complete with contrasting blue trim, is making its way into my closet as we speak.  This should be enough to hold me over until the leaves start falling.



  1. oh for fucks sake these sweaters are the exact thing i've been looking for, but they're ll bean and i'm stuck in the uk. all we get are really expensive (though still awesome) breton jumpers

  2. That madras blazer looks like competition for Rugby. Probably not as much attention to the details, though.

  3. BadScene- It has working button holes...

  4. "How many pots have you smoken?"
    - Steve Carell in 40 Year old virgin

    I feel this is analogous to asking Lawrence:
    "how many clothes do you own?"

  5. I live in the uk and have had things shipped by ll bean. It takes a few days extra but apart from that it was easy.