Thursday, May 27, 2010

Perfect Pairs

Speaking of collaborations between Woolrich and designers like Daiki Suzuki and Mark McNairy, a new piece in Apparel Mag, entitled "Perfect Pairs: Heritage Men's Wear Brands and Young ", explores the trend of old brands collaborating with young designers.  It's written by the talented Christian Chensvold of Ivy Style fame and explores the many sides of collaborating and the motivations behind partnerships that often seem bizarre on the surface.  When Christian was researching this article he hollered at me for a list of collaborations he might be unaware of so it's neat to see this piece come to fruition - I hope that wasn't that too much like Edison's mailman claiming he helped invent electricity.  Anyhow, give it a read as you're sure to learn something.



  1. You did help, old sport, so thanks, and thanks for plugging the story.