Monday, May 3, 2010

Killing 'Em Softly

Former Jack Spade understudy Matt Singer has impressed the hell out of me since he launched his eponymous collection of goods last year.  Just like Jack Spade designer Andy Spade, Mr. Singer is quickly gaining recognition for his quirky take on wearable and classic menswear items.  His selection of belts is incredibly cool and unique - colors you can't find anywhere else and the addition of suede tabs as oppose to the standard leather ones you can find from numerous other brands.  For $52 you get an accessory that I doubt you will find on anyone else, which is really the beauty of Matt's entire operation.  Honestly, for a designer product like this I was expecting a pricepoint about double of what is currently being asked and the shades of yellow, salmon and turquoise might be worth the price of admission alone.  And you can't really talk about these belts without mentioning how the solid brass buckle looks against the rich suede. Damn Matt, you're killing 'em - softly.



  1. I love the salmon and purple ones. Good find.

  2. (The answer to these questions might seem like basic principles of style, but bear with me!)

    Can you wear this belt with a stainless steel watch? What about brown leather shoes (think Clark's Desert Boots)?

  3. Great colours! The navy looks good to me.