Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have a good amount of S/S outerwear that isn't water resistant rendering it quite useless during anything from a drizzle to a full on opening of the heavens.  Let that be a lesson in form over function.  Not that those purchases were completely foolish, but it definitely takes a while to get my money's worth that's for sure.  Lands End Canvas' Ultralight Jacket takes care of both conundrums - function and value.  Some people are turned off by garments that trace their conception back to the technical side of things, but I, on the other hand, really dig how that stuff looks.  Bring on the drawstrings, hoods, and zippers - the details really are endless on a lot of this stuff. 

The Ultralight Jacket is a nylon crew inspired outerwear piece perfect for this time of year.  It won't bring much in the form of warmth, but for wind and rain it can serve as your first and last line of defense.  Coming in two bold shades of orange and blue (where's the yellow?) the jacket can really set off a kit grounded in understated basics.  Sometimes the best thing for you boat shoes, chinos and white oxford is a piece drawing on completely different aesthetics - I think that's partly the appeal of everything from a slicker to a parka.  It's LEC so the price is right and all those aforementioned details are there including underarm grommets and the ability to pack itself into its own pocket.  On a completely different note, what's up with this dude's face? Creep status on smash.



  1. $60 is too much for this, should be about $30. I don't expect LEC to give it away, but $60 for a one layer synthetic jacket is a rip-off. Wait for an online sale, or check out LEC in Sears.

  2. David- How about the Burkman Bros. nylon windbreaker for $120?

  3. American Apparel looks to have some cool windbreakers too. I need to pick one of these up, because I'm spending my summer in England. Any other sartorial suggestions for a summer in Europe? Could you do a post for the essentials for a summer in Europe?

  4. Having spent part of two summers in England, I'd say you should definitely not forget some warm clothes -- it can get surprisingly chilly and rainy, even in July (like mid-50s Fahrenheit as a high). But then it can change to high 70s/mid 80s pretty quick, too. I'd guess you should bring lots of basic layers that can be shed (blazer) or rolled up (sleeves) if the weather changes a lot. Just my $0.02.

  5. How about this for $20, nice and simple.
    the only Burkman windbreaker I could find was $210 at Barneys.

  6. It's kinda creepy that the model is doing the same exact pose with the same exact wrinkles in the jacket in two pictures.
    ...I'd rather go American Apparel than LEC any day. Made in USA. LEC is made in China.