Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Double Breasted Traveler

Another quality piece from the good folks at Orvis, this Hopsack Double Breasted Blazer is one of the better DB options available at the sub $300 pricepoint.  It's part of Orvis' run of travel blazers - the kind that don't wrinkle or stain thanks to their polyester/wool blend.  I've mentioned before how hardcore garment heads hate anything "travel" or "wrinkle/stain" resistant, but let's not pretend like all that stuff doesn't come in handy every now and again - utility and functionality rein supreme in certain cases.  The made in the USA blazer comes fitted with pretty much everything I look for in a double breasted blazer (i.e. navy colorway, gold buttons, 6 button stance), but lacks the coveted ticket pocket often seen on higher end models coming out of Italy.  A friend, whose opinion I greatly value, explained that the notches on the lapels seem a tad bit low and while I do agree to some extent, they may just peak enough for the price - if that makes any sense.  As with any tailored good from Orvis a trip to the tailor is a prerequisite.  While many men take the double breasted route to hide their gut, there is no reason not to get the waist nipped and ditch some excess fabric.  With that being said, I would still think about sizing down.


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