Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I've always loved the classic deck shoe silhouette and if for whatever reason you refuse to buy a pair of Vans Authentics you can always get yourself a pair of Sperry CVO's.  A few years back Sperry released their CVO in a laceless model and you may have come across them in your travels - I know I see them in the mall every now and then.  I've been on the fence about laceless sneaks for quite some time.  On one hand they are a much better alternative to sandals or flip flops, but they can also come off a tad bit contrived when you really start to think about where the hell the laces have ended up.  After thinking about this concept for all of a few minutes this morning I have come to the pre-emptive conclusion that the laceless look works better for an older gentleman for no other reason then older guys pull off the "I really could care less about my shoes because I have a mortgage to pay" style more convicingly (I would imagine that statement is true in most cases anyway).  You can also grab laceless boat shoes, but I think these can look pretty silly with the 360 degree lacing being virtually rendered "useless".  If you've determined that lacelessness is in fact for you Sperry is selling their CVO for $55 in a bunch of classic colors with madras ascents.  I think it's also important to mention that while you could always jack the laces from whatever sneakers you own to accomplish this the Sperry CVOs come with elastic bands that hold down the tounge so you're shoe stays on regadless of refusing to knot up - no blisters, baby.  Another pointless dissertation in the books, maybe, but I refuse to leave any stone unturned.



  1. You can find the Striper Laceless in two colors (yellow and white) on 6pm.com today for $33, if you're so inclined. Check it http://www.6pm.com/product/7538282/color/225110

  2. My buddy and I still joke about seeing one of our friends out at a bar. Our friend is one of those that tries so hard to stay up on style, but falls a bit short more times than none. I was wearing chucks and he walked in wearing the John Varvatos joints. Upon seeing my shoes, he pulled up a pant leg, stomped his foot down next to mine and in the most insecure voice of conviction said, "I see you still wear laces in yours."

    Laceless: Fail

  3. Lauren- The real message of your anecdote is...

    John Varvatos: Fail

  4. your thoughts on the laceless ADIDAS via RUNDMC?

  5. I have a pair of these laceless Stripers that I picked up a few years ago. I like them a lot, and the insoles are removable so you can throw them in the washing machine when they get cruddy. I also like the red ones shown here.

    Also, the canvas sneakers that Gap is selling this spring have similar elastic between the tongue and sides, so they can be worn laceless.

  6. I am diggin these....they seem to have a confidence about them