Saturday, May 29, 2010

JFK And The Unofficial Preppy Handbook

For a quick, yet entertaining Saturday read head over to Nowness where they honor JFK's birthday by breaking down his personal style and charting his influence on fashion today.  The latter of the two pieces entitled The Unofficial Preppy Handbook features insight from menswear stalwarts Scott Sternberg and Michael Bastian, while touching on trends from Williamsburg to Silver Lake.  



  1. The Nowness article gets certain details wrong. JFK didn't wear Ray Ban Wayfarers- the sunglasses were the American Optical Saratoga. While similar, notice that the sidearms are too slim to be Wayfarers. This fact can be checked by way of a catalog of personal effects that is maintained by the Kennedy Library.

  2. Anon- Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.