Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ts(s) F/W 2010

If you weren't already aware everyone's favorite garment engineer, Daiki Suzuki, has a brother who also happens to be in the family business.  Takuji Suzuki's line, ts(s), is in the same vein as Engineered Garments, you know that whole mid-century rugged thing, but with an added dose of crazy.  It's kinda what I would imagine EG would look like if Daiki smoked some weed before sketching.  Okay, that may be a little bit of a stretch, but Takuji is a much bolder designer than his brother that's for sure.  As with most of the Japanese heritage designers if you are a fan of pockets and intricate detailing you're probably going to dig on this stuff.  Right off the bat, the fabrics utilized look real choice and add to the overall aesthetic ts(s) strives for regardless of how wearable this stuff may or may not be here in The States.  Check out the lookbook below and judge for yourself.

[All pictures courtesy of DENIMMANIAC.]



  1. More bolder and more expensive. ;_;

    Daiki used to do some really crazy designs pre 2005/2006 though, before Engineered Garments started to get a cult following.

  2. Absolutely not.

    If anything was smoked prior to these designed being sketched, it was methamphetamine to the point of Suzuki's hands shaking.

    This may be fine for a runway or for some nouveau riche slumming at a gallery opening in the Village, but this is about half a step from the Derilicte joke in "Zoolander."

    Couple this disaster with some unfortunate model sporting a "blue steel" hipster pout and a week's worth of ironic facial hair and yeah, I bet it or its cheaper and equally disastrous mainstream offspring will sell like frappuccinos in a Manhattan heat wave.

  3. I like look #4 but other than that, the model looks like a Wes Anderson character. The garments themselves look good, but the looks are too costume-y.

  4. "...and after killing Voldemort, Harry Potter went on to be a disaffected model for a Japanese designer of avant-garde men's outerwear."

  5. I would be anry and depressed like this guy too, if my clothes looked that wrinkled and poor fitting.

  6. I actually love this. I don't know why... Some of the cuts are off, and some of the pieces are dumb but jeez - the British vibe to the look kills.