Monday, May 3, 2010

Ralph Lauren Shades

So you've made up your mind. You're not gonna be another dude in Wayfarers. Or Clubmasters. Or even Persols for that matter. So what's your move?  I can't speak to your apparent pickyness, but you might want to head on over and check out Polo's offerings in a variety of classic frames. Most of 'em clock in at just about half a pair of 649's and come in black and tortoise shell - the only two colors that should be even remotely on your radar when it comes to this sorta thing.  While you may be looking to avoid the kind of frames mentioned above keep in mind that the shades seen below reference everything from Oliver Peoples to Ray-Ban to Carrera.


1 comment:

  1. in my area, these would have been the first choice anyway. "we some hoes for that horse".