Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gant S/S 2010

With all the talk about their Rugger collection and their big time collaboration with designer extraordinaire Michael Bastian lest we not forget that Gant has a main line as well.  It's very different than the two aforementioned lines (or "ranges" as they call them), but stays true to the Gant aesthetic - well tailored, goods rooted in American style with a healthy does of European influence.  The S/S 2010 collection finds itself falling into two categories. The first of which is heavily nautically centered and inspired, while the remainder seems focused on colorful woven and tailored goods.  Overall, it's a wearable, well executed effort that plays it relatively safe - sometimes a little more fashion than style and sometimes a watered down Ralph Lauren.



  1. That green jacket is dope as all get out.

  2. With exceptions in picture #4, I'd argue that the line ("range") seems more "rooted in European style with a healthy does of American influence."

    But I think I'm quibbling.