Monday, May 17, 2010

Done Right: The Short Sleeve Western

There's already been a little bit of chatter involving short sleeve collared shirts today so I'd appreciate if you would be so kind to indulge me for a quick second.  The western shirt is something I was a big fan of when I was younger, but for whatever reason it fell by the wayside by the time I started college.  Just recently I have begun to revisit this All-American classic thanks to a reimagining of how the shirt can be worn - not so much a reimagining of the garment itself, but how it can be worked into an overall ensemble.  The short sleeve western shirt in a strong spring pattern seems like a great way to take things up a sartorial notch this time of year.  Instead of working it into some cowboy steeze ala Clint Eastwood I can dig how designers like Michael Bastian have used it as a way to enhance the rakish charm of an outfit - less rodeo clown, more European vacation.  For example, instead of rocking blue jeans how about some crisply creased chinos?  As with any attempt at rakishness the wearer must carry themselves as such so this might be something that takes some time to get comfortable with.  Anyhow, this is what I'm thinking - cop one in a familiar S/S pattern (like these options from Martin and Osa), roll up the sleeves a little, tuck it in and let some buttons fly.



  1. Trendy litlle shorts with western shirt a little too Brokeback.

  2. Anon- Like I said, stick with some classic creased chinos and you should be good.

  3. The western shirt is to be worn only by those who can pull off the super alpha male look... accompanied by worn denim and preferably boots of some sort. The short sleeve western coupled with short shorts as pictured above is the universal uniform for gays. I've got nothing against gay dudes, it's just not the message that I want to send.