Monday, May 17, 2010

Snap x Snap

I have been seeing so many links to Web Uomo recently that I had no choice but to click over.  Turns out I was missing a lot.  This Japanese website houses some of the most impressive street shots, dubbed Snap x Snap, I have seen in quite sometime.  It's a treasure trove of double breasted jackets, ticket pockets, cigarettes, suede, double monks, and color - pretty much everything that makes those oversea gents blow us Americanos out of the water.  There may be a tad too many fashion sneaks and stunner shades for my personal taste, but I guess you take the meh with the brilliant.  As expected, Lino is everywhere.



  1. The first and the last images are icy. The middle ones are terrible, whatchu smokin' Larry?

  2. The 3rd guy is way too cool for school- love his look!