Monday, May 24, 2010

Sartorial Healing

Last week there was a nice discussion revolving around the fall of modern R&B on the Sart Inc Tumblr.  Readers were making the case for modern acts carrying on the strong tradition of rhythm and blues, while others lamented on the loss of arguably the genre's greatest artist - Marvin Gaye.  All the talk of Gaye had me revisiting not only his incredible catalog of tunes, but his equally impressive personal style.  Marvin's status as a style icon is too often overlooked and he frequently takes a backseat to various Jazz aficionados such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane.  Marvin's style was as smooth and genuine as his music.  From his traditional suiting during Motown's heyday to his work wear and blue collar inspired looks during the late 70's/early 80's, Marvin Gaye's style was a study in organic evolution on par with his musical career.  Masculine while at the same time elegant, from the studio to the stage to the red carpet, Marvin was one of the best until his untimely and senseless death in 1984.



  1. You've been killin' it lately with these and it's not even black history month! Did you meet someone?! Just kiddin :)

    For real though, Marvin is the reason I even decided to invest in a chambray, beanie or a trench coat in the first place. I would say Miles, Gaye, Nat King, Sammy D... in that order. Keep it comin' son.

  2. While people look to musicians for fashion statements, musicians have a tendency to wear items that only they can wear. Musicians don't always promote "classic and understated" as some can get downright outrageous. If anything, we should look for how musicians develop their 'details'. In Gaye's pictures, look for the tie tuck (1st pic) and slight (or is it a serious) hat tilt (2nd pic).

  3. Junctioned- Thanks man!

    JL- I think everything Gaye is wearing in these pics, save for some of the red carpet gear, is totally wearable for pretty much everyone. The devil is in the details, but you can easily rock these kits or elements from them.

  4. Quilted tux jacket? Not for me... or many others for that matter (sorry to all those who would). Chambray? Yes, without a doubt. Hat rolled in such a manner? Probably not. Collar outside the lapels? To each his own. But if you're gonna rock the collar untucked, make sure you're pretty darn cool.

  5. Looking at those photos makes me think that a Jesse L Martin led biopic is long overdue.