Friday, May 14, 2010

Revisiting A Favorite

Way back when this blog was just as bad, but read by a lot less people I talked about the Tailored Fit Year Round wool blazer from Lands End.  As it stands today I still do not think there is a better value as far as blazers go.  If you have some scratch saved up you can easily grab a more fashionable jacket from a "cooler" brand, but you won't necessarily be getting the best value.  What's not to love about LE's joint?  Super 100s wool for "year round" wear, side vents, slim lapels, an improved "trim" fit and Lands End's best in class quality round this out as one of the top notch starter/entry level options currently in the marketplace.  It comes with pretty slick brass buttons, but if that is a little too "summer is a verb" you can always have your tailor switch 'em out for some horn numbers or whatever you are feeling.  Keep in mind that you probably aren't going to be 100% satisfied with fit right off the rack, but when you factor in some minor alterations (nipping the waist, shortening the sleeves, etc.) you should still come in at under $250, which as far as I am concerned is quite the steal when you factor in the quality.  If you are the type who is hesitant to order tailored goods online be sure to hit up your local Sears - they pretty much stock the entire brand.



  1. I was thinking of getting a hopsack blazer from LE and tailoring it, maybe switch the buttons. Still beats the price of Gants hopsack by a long shot.

  2. Not all Sears locations carry the brand, as I discovered walking through the hell that is my local Sears last fall searching for the LE department, so check online first for the location nearest you.

  3. Get the eff outta here! I'm wearing this right now! Great fit off the rack, sleeve length is perfect.

  4. Removing brass buttons deserves an article of its own.

    I'd call it: "Putting out the fire, killing the dream: the deblazing of the blazer."

    Leave those buttons be!

    Great post.

  5. I am a HUGE Lands' End fan and their clothes make up 70% of my wardrobe. However, I was very unhappy w/ my blazer and had to send it back. The jacket was very stiff and it fit about two sizes smaller than the size on the label.

    I've heard Anderson-Little makes a good, inexpensive navy blazer.

  6. Their hopsack blazer is great. Though generally a stickler for detail, I didn't require any alterations on it. Center vent, just trim enough without looking like an idiot and you can't beat the price.

    The buttons were a bit bright though, trip to the trimmings shop got some dead gilt which is a much classier move, in my humble opinion anyway...