Friday, April 2, 2010

Look Sharp!

Church's Consul has long been one of the brand's standards - a beautiful captoe, this shoe is perfectly minimalist and a straight up classic.  This is the kind of shoe you leave the alone.  The kind of shoe you respect and don't mess with it.  Right? Not according to Leffot who has a little something else in mind and that something else is serious sartorial business.  These gents have taken the Consul and given it a S/S overhaul - white deerskin, natural sole, natural heel edges.  Taking something normally so kosher and turning it into something so goddman sexy is no easy task and for that I commend Leffot (these guys really know what's up).  Look sharp!



  1. Not quite sure about them being understated, but they are indubitably classic!

  2. That's a mighty fine shoe. I'll take two, one for each foot.

  3. Oh Joe Jackson.

  4. Old Trad- It's Friday so understatement goes out the window.

    Anon @1:56- So you don't wear bucks?