Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stumbled Across: Weekend In The Woods

Some cool stuff I have stumbled across recently and my corresponding thoughts...

Field and Stream SLB Shirt...$52.00

[Photography courtesy of men.style.com]

Work/outdoor shirts are getting so much love this fall and it's easy to see why...these shirts are pure, unadulterated Americana (aka badass).  I particularly like this Field and Stream SLB shirt due to its authenticity, utility and detailing.  Click on the link to see all the awesome stitching and little exciting things this shirt has to offer.  I love the coal black colorway, which gives the shirt just a hint of "fashion-y" sensibility.  Instead of shelling out $100+ for some designers take on a shirt that was never ment to see the elements, spend half on the real deal.  By the way, SLB means "strong like bull"...did I mention how badass this shirt is?

[Photograph courtesy of acquiremag.com]

Here at Sartorially Inclined we have sung the praises of the awesome collaboration between the guys at Billy Kirk and Urban Outfitters.  Here is the latest luggage accessory from the pair and boy is it a winner.  I am currently waiting for my Brothers Bray tote to get delivered, but I am kinda wishing I had waited and gotten this instead.  The Weekender is another beautifully simple canvas and leather offering with great details (red vinyl lining).  You can expect this to go on backorder quicker then you can roast a marshmellow so act fast if it's something you covet.  To read more about the callaboration check out this interview (via selectism.com)  with Chris Bray of Billy Kirk.

I love this shoe because it is a hybrid that actually takes the BEST parts of a bunch of shoes and creates something equally, if not, better (the sum IS the whole of its parts).  You'll notice the obvious nods to blucher mocs, classic sneakers, and traditional hiking boots.  These hiking boots (this description should be taken with a grain of salt...much more conducive for a stroll in the city than a hike up the side of a mountain) are the essence of versatility and will work with all your fall looks.  It's great that Asos is offering an inexpensive shoe that will go equally as great with your raw denim as your wool trousers.  This is a must buy as far as Sartorially Inclined is concerned.


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