Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Billy Reid and Southern Essentials

I am currently nursing some strange hangover/swine flu hybrid from a decidedly awesome Labor Day weekend, but have decided to blog anyway. My trip to the "deep" south didn't yield any real post worthy material though I guess at the end of the day my weekend did serve as southern style fodder so it wasn't a complete wash.

This theme of southern style was perfectly timed with a great feature from men.style.com. Every so often the website gets together with someone connected to fashion (i.e. designers, celebs, brand managers, etc.) and asks them to talk about their 10 essentials. The most recent is from designer Billy Reid, who happens to be one of my favorite designers. I have gone to his shop in Charlotte a few times, and if there happens to be a good sale it is not uncommon to see me reaching deep into my pockets (I am already planning ahead so that I can get a pair of his handmade Italian leather shoes). Billy expertly blends many elements in his collections, which despite their forward thinking never lose their southern edge. Billy's 10 essentials tell you a good deal about his vision and fashion sensibility. His designs are rugged, American and understand that the best inspiration is often found in the past. Southern, American style is understated and elegant and he knows this.

When I think of Billy's clothes and his vision my mind often wanders to Kings of Leon. These guys are not only fantastic musicians but can out-dress almost anyone in music right now. Their rockstar style (leather, jewelery, shades), much like their music, is grounded in their southern upbringing. I wish I could look as cool as these dudes and pull off the whole devil may care, yet expertly styled look. Maybe if I keep spending money at Billy Reid I just might(aint nothing wrong with being poor and looking good) or I guess I could just become a rockstar.



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