Thursday, September 3, 2009

"What's In My Closet" - Knocking Boots

[Pictured: Sartorially Inclined's new Palladium Boots x J. Crew Chinos]

Background: In a segment dubbed "What's in My Closet" I am going to be highlighting pieces I have actually purchased. These recommendations are going to come straight from me and will also be product reviews so that you can make your own informed decision accordingly. My goal for these posts will be to highlight affordable and fashionable items for the "everyman".

So your denim is too slim for Timberland's and you cant afford Red Wings. What is the frugal, sartorially inclined guy going to wear this fall when the weather starts to get brisk? Enter Palladium Boots. These fantastic boots have been popping up all over the internet recently (, complex online) and I am ready to give them my cosign. These boots are part of the current movement of rugged, work wear that utilizing clean and classic lines transcends the outdoors, and finds itself on the runway...and, hopefully, your closet. Palladium originally made tires for airplanes, until they realized they were so good at vulcanizing rubber that they decided to produce footwear. The boots were famously used to shoe the French Foreign Legion and have recently being resurrected for anyone and everyone.

I just got a pair and I cannot wait to pair them with some dark, raw denim this fall and winter. The model shown above, the "Baggy" as its called, can double as a mid calf boot when rolled up or a boot with a little flannel-esque flair when rolled down (great for fall when paired with any flannel gear). I opted instead for the more conservative "Pampa" model (Seen below) which does without the folding option. The boot comes in both canvas and leather with prices starting at $55 and topping out at around $110. My black, canvas "Pampa's" cost $55 (not including shipping which was negligible) and look fantastic. They are extremely comfortable and the canvas breathes well. Depending on where you live and your autumn weather, leather may be a better option. The sizing is standard so don't feel compelled to order a size up or down, stick with what you know. If you're the type to get cold feet, literally not figuratively, Palladium is launching a line of more winter friendly boots soon (as seen in the link). Hands down these are the coolest boots this fall/winter for a price that is just as, if not even, cooler. Be a badass and go black...



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