Friday, September 18, 2009

Bidding War: L.L. Bean Norwegian Sweater

Background: In a segment dubbed "Bidding War" I am going to be highlighting pieces purchased off of eBay. It will give me a chance to talk about unique and vintage items of clothing that might otherwise get overlooked. My goal is that this segment will help aid in the often arduous process that is eBay browsing.

[Pictured: Vintage L.L. Bean catalouge. Courtesy of]

I'm going all in with sweaters this fall. I've got the v-neck, I've got the McQueen inspired crewneck, I've got the cardigan, I've even got the fair isle...all that I am missing is the coolest sweater of all-time. Well, I was missing it until I found it on eBay. L.L. Bean's Norwegian sweater is an American Prep staple with its very own shout out in The Official Preppy Handbook. This fisherman's favorite is wool and poly blended, actually knit in Norway and owns one of the coolest patterns I have ever seen. While the blue version is the iconic staple most people are familiar with, I decided to go with the much rarer red and gray color-way. The Norwegian can be worn all by its lonesome or thrown over a pinpoint oxford for that much sought after layered look I keep plugging. My hope is that the sweater will make any average prep/trad outfit really stand out and take it to the next level. For the easy price of $54 (including shipping) it probably has the best value of anything i have bought in the past year. For those of you worried that you wont be able to find your own, don't fret because L.L. Bean is apparently digging into their archives for a
re-release. The overwhelming response for the Norwegian Sweater and traditional American style, in general, got the attention of those at corporate and come November you can grab your own at the not so eBay friendly price of $129. I'll be sure to update this post, or create a new one entirely, once I receive my sweater in the mail. Happy prepping, happy trading, happy bidding...


[Pictured: Same model as the one I purchased, paired with a great down vest. This is a look I plan on replicating very frequently. Courtesy of Heavy Tweed Jacket]

[Pictured: The Norwegian layered with a polo and down vest featured in The Preppy Handbook]


  1. I have the navy/white & the grey/red Norwegian sweaters - well worth it.

    All the Best,


  2. JRS,

    I am really happy with the do you like the fit of yours? I have a medium and it's a tad on the big side...

  3. Beautiful sweaters, so I'd have to wear them when I going to Norway or a place like that where the cold is something really extreme.m10m