Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Looks: Lawyers vs. Lumberjacks

[Pictured: Two looks from Michael Bastian's Fall 2009 show. Note the combination of refined and rugged. Courtesy of]

With all the wonderful clothes being hawked this fall the big challenge is developing a variety of looks to last you until the weather becomes particularly bitter. Even amongst the fashionable it is disheartening to see lots of guys find a particular look they like and pigeon-holing themselves. This fall I am seeing lots of looks in one of two categories: classy or rugged. You have the one guy at the bar wearing a v-neck sweater, an oxford shirt, a knit tie, creased chinos and wing tips standing next to the guy in the flannel work shirt, down vest, heavy fabric pants and boots. While Sartorially Inclined is fine with both of these looks (the classic prep and the classic workman) why limit yourself to being "that guy" and "that guy" only? Every single one of the above mentioned pieces is fantastic and should not be categorically excluded from one another.

This fall you will see me mixing and matching all these classic pieces. The reason American heritage gear is making such a massive comeback and is so popular right now is due to its timeless appeal and versatility. Why not take the same rugged boots from your lumberjack getup and throw it in with you prep. Creased chinos resting atop your Palladiums or Redwings looks fantastic. The same goes with wearing wingtips with your heavy flannel shirt and down vest. From these two styles you can easily create 20+ distinct looks that combine all the cool elements that made you rock the very same limited looks in the first place. The juxtaposition of refined and rough adds a new dimension to your otherwise stagnant outfit.

For an example take what I wore to work today for casual Friday. My outfit was pretty standard for the office, but I threw in an element that was unexpected. I paired my fairly standard uniform of black Bass Dover Weejuns, creased, flat front chinos, and a black belt with a black and white flannel shirt. The combination of colors, patterns and materials (the khaki, flannel, leather) mixed well for an unexpected look that was decidedly FALL. Who said there was no such thing as lumberjack, attorney at law?


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