Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"What's In My Closet?" - Pebbled Leather

[Pictured: Sartorially Inclined's black pebbled leather wingtips]

I recently purchased these wonderful NOS (new, old stock) black pebbled leather wingtips from a now defunct company called Georgetown Footwear for Gentleman (fantastic name).   While I am not going to preach the virtures of wingtips for the 100th time, I am instead interested in dicussing the wonderfully textured material known as pebbled leather.  For those unaware, pebbled leather is leather with a granulated surface as oppose to its more common, smooth appearance/feel.  Pebbled leather is in no way a new trend or anything of the like, but it can be easily overlooked when shopping around for a new pair of dress shoes so I figured I would discuss it here.

When doing some research in preperation for my next wingtip purchase I stumbled upon the beautiful shoes that Thom Browne makes and wears (see below).  His shoes are WAY out of my price range, but they pointed me in the right direction and got me thinking about texture.  The black pebble leather wingtip is a great shoe in that, much like any great piece, its beauty lies in the details.  A common glance may very well overlook the texture of the shoe, but that's kind of the point.  It is a minute detail (especially in a black shoe) that the wearer knows exists and feels good about.

[Pictured: Thom Browne wingtips. Notice the subtle texture.]

You can use these details and the confidence that comes with them to build a great outfit from the ground up, literally and figuratively.  Much like suede wingtips, the pebbled leather version takes a classic and tweaks it just enough so that the essence of the shoe is not lost, but, instead, updated and personalized.  Not to mention, if Thom Browne (damn that guy can dress!) wears 'em, I'm buying 'em...


[Top view feat. Johnson and Murphy shoe trees.]

[Pebbled leather, close up view.]


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