Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Chinos...Pt. II

As you may recall, Sartorially Inclined was on the hunt for the perfect pair of chinos.  Well after some shipping mishaps and world class customer service (no sarcasm) my Hickey chinos finally arrived today.  Ladies and gentleman, I think we have our winner.   I'll do a quick run down of what I was looking for, how the chinos actually stacked up and post some pictures.

[Pictured: New Hickey Chinos feat. argyle socks]

1. Fit - The chinos are just slim enough to not make them not look too fashionable, but at the same time have a much more modern fit then say, a pair of Dockers.  I own a ton of pairs of so called "modern-fit" or "slim-fit" or "tailored" chinos, but Hickey really nailed it.  Somewhere in between formal (a summer chino suit pant) and casual (classic officer's chino) exists this version from Hickey.  The waist and length are just what I expected so no surprises from a pair of pants I did not try on before I purchased them.

2. Material - This may be the ultimate victory as far as Hickey's craft is concerned.  They found the perfect cotton weight that will actually work year round.  Substantial enough to feel like a pair of true chinos, but not too thick that they would be cumbersome on the deck of a sailboat come word: versatile.

3. Details (See pictures below) - There are some great lining features as well as a unique coin pocket, and internal buttoned pocket, a notch in the back of the waist, red accented zipper and a great hem.

Sartorially Inclined recommends these to anyone looking for that new great pair of chinos.  I truly believe I am going to be wearing these to work and also out to the bar on Saturday night.  The fact that they are on sale is all the more reason to drop some coin on a pair of pants that hits all the right notes.  The perfect pair is out there, it just takes a little hard work to find...but, then again, that's where I come in...

[Notice the unique coin pocket and red accented zipper.]

[Cool internal button pocket and lining detail.]


  1. Shit, I probably have to get these.

  2. Angelo,

    I highly recommend copping a pair before they sell pair of chinos I have ever owned, hands down.

  3. Been quite happy with J.Crew "wear to work" khakis. Fits well, wear well, relatively inexpensive at $58.

  4. Dickie,

    I'm a pretty big fan of J. Crew's Bowery pant, but when it comes to chinos I'd rather not settle...

  5. How was the fit? Do you recommend getting your normal size or going bigger or smaller?

  6. swirvin,

    The fit was fantastic, just what I was looking for...slim and modern, but still classic...I recommend getting your normal size...I am a 32 inch waist and had no issues

  7. I know this is a pretty old post, but after recently discovering your blog and following it daily ever since, I came across this a few days ago. Having experienced similar struggles in finding a perfect pair of chinos, I thought your perfect solution might work for me as well, so I ordered a pair of these (still on sale months later for $78) from Hickey's website.

    They just came today, and I'm shocked at how well they fit. Nicely trim but still comfortable in the seat, and PERFECTLY tapered in the leg. I like my pants very slim, and these completely fit my style. And as if things weren't good enough, the length is dead-on. Nothing but ooh's and aah's from the girlfriend too.

    So I've gotta thank you for turning me on to such an incredible pair of pants. I'm a big fan of your blog, and look forward to similarly illuminating posts in the future!

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