Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Land's End Fall 2009

Instead of blowing your hard earned dollars on Fall fashion that is insanely overpriced, why not flip through the pages of your Land's End catalog (Who am I kidding? You're just going to go to the website). You're bound to find some really great pieces with some really great price points. If you're partial, like I am, to the Americana, heritage look, brands like Land's End can help you build up a great wardrobe with plenty of cash left over. Land's End, like most clothing companies these days, it acknowledging that people want timeless clothes that end up being a great value. After checking out the new arrivals for Fall, I came across some great items that deserve the Sartorially Inclined cosign.

Men's Regular Long Sleeve Chambray Workshirt ($32.50)

The chambray workshirt is EVERYWHERE as of recent and I've been wearing my Gap warm weather version for over a year. As the weather cools, I am definitely in need of a thicker replacement. The Land's End model seems perfect and comes in this awesome faded black (almost a dark gray) colorway. Any button front shirt is a crucial part of a layered look and this chambray shirt in a great fall material and color will do just the trick. While everyone else is sure to be wearing too much flannel, you will find me in my chambray. For a look straight out of the McQueen handbook, keep the front pockets unbuttoned. Also, check out the "Wait, is this a misprint" price...$32.50 for a great chambray workshirt, hell yeah.

Men's Brown Suede Wingtip Shoes ($99.50)

In the most recent webisode of's fantastic "In The Closet" co-host Tyler Thoreson shouts out brown suede shoes as one of his Fall Essentials. Sartorially Inclined has a bad case of wing tip fever so I am loving these brown suede versions. I can already see them going perfectly with some cuffed denim (selvedge, please) or Donegal tweed pants for Fall. It's tough to find any wing-tips under $100 so these are a great bargain.

Lands' End Men's Tailored Fit 2-button Year 'rounder Blazer ($175.00)

Land's End is going all GQ on us and the result is surprisingly impressive. Utilizing everything but an Italian tailor, they have created a designer blazer for about 1/4th of the price. The super 100's wool fabric makes it a year round blazer in a classic navy blue that will never, I repeat, never go out of style. The blazer's side vents, slim lapels and trim cut make it modernized and if you really can't stand the nautical brass buttons, you can take the jacket to your dry-cleaner/tailor and have them switched out. Overall, the blazer is a timeless piece with a modern fit and a reasonable price point.



  1. Didn't you find this catalog to look strikingly similar to the J.Crew catalogs of recent past?

  2. Dickie,

    I was actually thinking the exact same thing...Land's End is finally getting the hint that fashionable people actually WANT their clothes. It's funny how with trends skewing towards americana/heritage/traditional clothing how similar all these brands are becoming. Michael Bastian will be selling a pair of chinos for like $800 and you can find almost the same thing at LL Bean for $40. It's also insane to think we are judging Land's End, who has been doing these types of clothes for soooo long, against a company like J. Crew who probably would even exist without Land's End in the first place.

  3. I bought the lands end tailored fit blazer back in august. I bought it to replace my old one from Sears and for my wedding rehersal dinner (along with a lands end madras tie on sale for 10 bucks). Very happy with it.

  4. What buttons would you switch the brass ones with? Would a tailor have them or would you have to buy your own?

  5. Pat- Switching the brass out for horn or even classy plastic ones could be a good look. Most tailors should have a variety of buttons or if you want a specific kind you can grab your own.

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