Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Chinos...Pt. I

I could easily write an essay about my search for the perfect pair of chinos. Somewhere out there a pair exists that can do everything a chino is supposed to do: Look great rolled up with boatshoes, sit perfectly atop a pair of wingtips, look natural with a pair of sneakers when going to the supermarket, etc. A lot is expected from the chino as it is supposed to be the ultimate versatile style weapon in any guys arsenal. I have owned countless cuts from J. Crew, The Gap, Banana Republic (all the major players) and have yet to find that multipurpose gem. Not one pair can walk the line between formal and casual without losing its inherent classical American charm. Luckily for me I may just have found my perfect pair...

While browsing the Hickey online store I came across a fantastic pair of chinos, the Twill Americana Slim Trouser to be exact. I had no idea Hickey sold items online (big ol' shame on me), but if there ever was a time to discover this it was now. For those not in the know, Hickey is the younger, hipper, slimmer brother of Hickey Freeman and is a brand that get lots of love from the right people, i.e. GQ,, etc.

These chinos are not only the number 1 contenders to end my lifelong search, but are also easy on my checking account, retailing for $78 marked down from $195. This is a comparable price point with J. Crew's chinos which are by no means as "hip" or well constructed as Hickey's (a purchase should never be made solely off of hipness, but it is something that should be at least mentioned in this discussion of price). It should be noted that my total order came to around $90 after shipping and tax. The search for the perfect chino is ongoing and you can expect a sequel to this post, where in which I will discuss all the specifics once these arrive in the mail. The realization that I am leaving a lot up to chance is dully noted. Having ordered my standard waist size and hoping the length works out is a dicey move. Every now and then a little risk and luck go a long way...especially in fashion and ESPECIALLY with chinos.



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