Monday, September 14, 2009

The Rugby Shirt

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Layering is always a big part of fall and this year I'm pretty high on the rugby shirt as a key element of this look. Anyone call pull off throwing a sweater or sportcoat over a shit and tie or polo so why not branch out a little and go with the rugby. The rugby is a great heritage piece that encompasses a lot. It's association with a gritty, dirty sport lends it a ruggedness, its English roots harken back to a European sophistication and its nature as an iconic prep piece all commingle to create a shirt with personality and depth. I love all the details of the rugby shirt, from the elbow pads to the contrasting collar. It's thick fabric makes it an ideal top layer for fall, and its stiff and "crunchy" collar is perfect for creating that elegant and disheveled look. Pick up a slim fit model that will hug your torso and eliminate the much dreaded blousing effect as you add layers. Polo by Ralph Lauren is always my go to for Rugby shirts (hell, they even have a brand called Rugby) and despite being designer pieces, they are not too expensive, especially considering how the rugby shit can easily replace a jacket.

The look above is by far my favorite. Throwing the rugby over a shirt and tie (especially a knit tie) can dress down a business casual look to make it weekend ready. As the weather gets even more brisk, throw a heavy fabric (wool, tweed) sportcoat or toggle coat over your already expertly layered look. Pick up a version of the slim fit Rugby here from Polo by Ralph Lauren or here from Ralph Lauren Rugby. Now all you have to do it give yourself a black eye and girls may actually think you play...


[Sartorially Inclined's Polo rugby shirt in classic navy. Not as slim as I would like, but still gets the job done like only a rugby shirt can.]


  1. haha the first "coat" looks like a high school of manhattan boy haha, anyway it looks nice and very confortable.
    Thanks for sharing.

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