Thursday, September 24, 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots

[Pictured: Tan Ranger Boots available at and]

Sometime last year Polo decided to re-release its 90's classic, The Ranger Boot, and due to the insanely high demand the boots were brought back for Fall '09.  Dubbed "cookie" boots, due to the circular Polo logo, the Rangers are legendary among Ralph Lauren aficionados.  They first came to the attention of Sartorially Inclined late last spring when they were featured in's "Obsessives" video series.  Rapper 88-Keys has an absurd Polo collection and in the clip he shows off his dead stock Rangers.   The reason I am posting the Ranger Boot is due to their ridiculously resonable price of $149.  This may very well be the best leather boot for fall under $200.

One of the great things about this boot is how unique its look is.  I am a huge fan of the rugged sole, lace/strap combo and the moccasin toe/construction.  As far as color is concerned, I prefer the brandy (below) to avoid any unwanted Timberland or motorcycle boot associations.  The Ranger Boot doesn't really look like many of the other boots on the market and this individuality is rare, especially on an item that is such a focus of fall fashion (alliteration much, geeez).  For the price, you can't really get much brand: check, good looks: double check, durability: triple check.  Sartorially Inclined is most surely looking into getting a pair to use in tandem with canvas Palladiums.  Everyone needs one great pair of leather boots for fall and for under two bills the Ranger Boot stomps out the competition.


[Pictured: Brandy and black colorways]


  1. The video is great, I'd pass on the boot in favor of something from an actual boot maker.

  2. Dickie,

    88-Keys makes pretty mediocre music, but I loved the video too...dude has his Polo on lock. As far as the boots go, they aren't the most authentic/amazing thing out there, but the price is the cheapest I've seen for a cool designer, leather boot.

  3. Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots

    these are very man boots

    love them

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